Wallbarn Extra Adjustable Self Levelling Pedestal

Veiw Our #DeckingInspiration Gallery

Veiw Our #DeckingInspiration Gallery

Wallbarn Extra Adjustable Self Levelling Pedestal

Brand: Wallbarn
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Product Description

Our BALANCE self-levelling pedestals are specially designed to accommodate differences in the deck surface below the pedestal.

Blemishes and ridges in the sub-deck e.g. felt overlaps, or changes in the thickness of a paving slab can make the upper surface uneven The BALANCE adjustable pedestal helps alleviate these issues.

  • Achieve stunning finishes
  • Suspended system
  • Fully adjustable
  • Superior quality
  • Suitable for paving slabs and timber decking
  • Available in heights from 25mm up to 392mm

Ideal for Paving

  • Self-levelling headpiece incorporates 4 x positioning lugs (fins) laid out in a crucifix formation set towards the edges
  • The headpiece also comprises 4 x separate parts created to allow up to a 5% or 2.86° slope correction in all directions
  • The mechanism at the bottom of the headpiece allows smooth movement and positioning of the paving slab
  • The lugs (fins) separate paving slabs and tiles on the headpiece to allow sufficient drainage between slabs
  • This creates a uniform paving line so the slabs are laid completely straight
  • A rubber anti-shock pad slots onto the headpiece over a series of ridges to give better grip to the slab and help insulate against vibration and noise travelling through the pedestal to the deck beneath

Ideal for Decking

  • The lugs (fins) are set out towards the edges of the headpiece giving a 55mm gap between them to house a timber joist
  • Decking boards are then fixed to the timber joist frame no need to cut furrings – simply adjust your pedestal height
  • The auto-correcting head makes installing decking systems much faster than traditional methods