Wallbarn 17mm Thick Plastic Decking & Paving Support Pad

Wallbarn 17mm Thick Plastic Decking & Paving Support Pad

Brand: Wallbarn
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Product details

100% recycled polypropylene ring shaped paving pad with four positioning lugs to give correct spacing between paving slabs, and position them in a straight line, giving uniform paving lines across the area.

Capable of tolerating loads on 400 kg. 14 mm and 17 mm thick with outer diameter of 150 mm and inner diameter of 80 mm. Lug width, distance between the paving, is 3 mm.

Slabs are suspended above the deck, drainage occurs between and beneath the paving slabs. channels extruded into the ring to allow excess water to escape for free drainage.

No need for mechanical fixings through the membrane. The weight of the slab holds everything in place. Height can be adjusted using levelling shims of 1 mm, 2 mm or 3 mm thick fitted across the top of the paving pad, which hook over the lugs. 2.5 mm acoustic shims also available to fit onto headpieces and 3 - 8 mm wedge shaped shims can fit under the base to arrest the fall of the deck.