Unsorted Joinery Timber (Premium Grade)

What is Unsorted Joinery Timber?

Unsorted Joinery Timber is the best quality joinery timber. When timber is sorted, each board is assigned a grade. Lower quality timber such as 5th Grade or 6th Grade are sorted and removed. As this timber exceeds quality standards of the defined grades, it remains unsorted, hence Unsorted Joinery Timber.

What is Unsorted Joinery Timber Used For?

Unsorted Joinery Timber is mainly used where the finish of the timber is key. Having low knot content, straight grain and a smooth finish, unsorted timber lends itself to joinery specific machining work, where knots and twisted grain can affect the final product. You'll see unsorted timber used for Bespoke Doors, Windows and Stair Components. You may also see unsorted timber in some skirtings, architraves and internal mouldings where a high quality finish is needed.

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