Treated Softwood Railway Sleeper

Treated Softwood Railway Sleeper

Brand: Nottage Timber Merchants

Certifications: FSC / PEFC Certified
Delivery: Local Delivery Only (SA, CF & NP Postcodes)

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Product Description

Nottage Timber Merchants Pressure Treated Softwood Sleepers.

Railways Sleepers are a great way to add features to your garden. From Raised Beds to Rustic Seating, people have used railway sleepers in all sorts of creative ways. Our Softwood Railway Sleepers are brand new (not used or recycled) and made from FSC/PEFC Certified Baltic Softwood. To learn more about our FSC/PEFC Certification and how we responsibly source our timber please CLICK HERE

Our Softwood Railway Sleepers have been planed to a square edge and uniform dimensions (the same process as PSE timbers) to ensure easier usability when stacking or constructing garden furniture (such as the idea used in our product photos). 

Softwood Railway Sleepers offer some advantages over Oak or Hardwoods, but the biggest advantage (other than price) is easy of use. Softwood Railway Sleepers are easier to handle. Weighing in (on average) at around 15kg, compared with 20kg plus for Oak and other Hardwood Sleepers. This also means that life become much easier should you need to cut or drill your sleepers, these can be cut using conventional tools. Remember, if you need timber cut to length, we are able to do this for you. There is a section during the checkout of the website for you to let us know the exact dimension you need.

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