100mm X 200mm X 2.4m - Rustic Oak Railway Sleepers

Rustic Untreated Oak Railway Sleeper - Nottage Timber Merchants

100mm X 200mm X 2.4m - Rustic Oak Railway Sleepers

Brand: Nottage Timber Merchants
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Product Description

Nottage Timber Merchants Oak Railway Sleepers.

Railways Sleepers are a great way to add features to your garden. From Raised Beds to Rustic Seating, people have used railway sleepers in all sorts of creative ways. Our Oak Railway Sleepers are brand new (not used or recycled) and made from FSC/PEFC Certified Oak. To learn more about our FSC/PEFC Certification and how we responsibly source our timber please CLICK HERE

Our Oak Railway Sleepers are supplied as Rustic Oak Sleepers. They can have waned edges, sometimes a knot or two and maybe even a slight split or checking. We ensure that any "defect" is only cosmetic and not does not affect the expected performance of the sleeper. All sleepers are checked before they are loaded on the lorries for delivery. 

If you are looking for Perfect Oak Sleepers, Have a look at our Planed Oak Sleepers. These are hand selected and planed by our team in house to ensure the best selection of Oak Sleepers. These Planed Oak Sleepers are planed square edge (PSE) and uniform dimensions. Please Note: The dimensions listed below for Planed/Smooth Oak Sleepers is the Nominal Dimensions and not the finished size. Typically we would expect 5-10% loss due to planing. If this dimension is critical please let us know and we can work with you to ensure the best possible solution.

Oak Railway Sleepers (either Planed or Rustic) offer some advantages over softwood. The most obvious, is longevity. Hardwood (in this case Oak) is simply better at enduring the outdoors than softwood. Unlike our softwood railway sleepers, our Oak Sleepers are left untreated, which makes them the best choice for organic gardens or where the use of chemical treatments would not be suitable.

Oak is Heavy, there is no getting around it. It is harder to cut and drill, so we would strongly recommend looking at designs that involve minimal drilling/fastening such as stacked raised beds. With regards to cutting, Take advantage of our cutting service. Plan your design and We can cut these to order for you, and then it becomes a spectacular Swedish Flat Pack Project (except with some amazing Oak Sleepers!).