Plastic Packers

Plastic Packers

Brand: Timco
Delivery: Courier Delivery Available (Max 1.2m Length)

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Product Description

A solution for multiple applications. Used to ensure correct weight distribution of glazed units and increase security around fixing points during frame fitting.

  • Stock Availability
    Assorted (1mm - 6mm) - 200£9.14 Inc VAT
    More Than 100 Available
    Assorted (1mm - 6mm) - 400£23.99 Inc VAT
    100 In Stock*
    1mm (Green) - 200£5.99 Inc VAT
    20 In Stock*
    2mm (Black) - 200£6.24 Inc VAT
    20 In Stock*
    3mm (White) - 200£7.58 Inc VAT
    20 In Stock*
    4mm (Grey) - 200£7.66 Inc VAT
    20 In Stock*
    5mm (Blue) - 200£8.80 Inc VAT
    20 In Stock*
    6mm (Red) - 200£9.64 Inc VAT
    20 In Stock*
    * Stock Levels are NOT LIVE - We try our best to keep our stock levels accurate but there is a delay between our Stock System and Website.
  • Delivery Infomation
    We are able to offer courier delivery on this product. Please note: Our Courier has a maximum length of 1.2 Meters. Any items over that length CANNOT go through our standard courier network.