Non-Stock Items

Some items on our website come direct from the manufacturers (or third party suppliers) to help offer our customers a complete buying experience. Using this practice, we can offer a more complete range of products including some items that would not be economical to keep in stock. To help with transparency, we highlight products that are not typically held as stock lines, this gives you a clear idea of what to expect during the buying stage.

Most of our suppliers offer delivery within 5 days, however, this can be longer during peak periods. We will try our best to give the most accurate delivery times possible, although we are relying on our suppliers and delivery networks to hold up their end of the deal and supplying the products within the correct time frame. Stock is updated daily from our suppliers, although this can become inaccurate during high demand periods. If the item is time critical, we would always recommend speaking with us first, either via email or on the phone so we can verify the stock levels for you.