Multi-Functional Joist Hanger

Multi-Functional Joist Hanger

Brand: Timco
Delivery: Courier Delivery Available (Max 1.2m Length)

Price includes VAT unless stated otherwise

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Product Description

TIMco’s Multi-Functional Hangers are designed for applications where additional strength is required or where access to the top of the timber or steel is not available. Designed for use with different fixings to give greater flexibility and improved performance. NOTE: Overall length refers to the length of the hanger when laid flat.

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    47mm - 150mm£2.30 Inc VAT
    100 In Stock*
    47mm - 179mm£2.62 Inc VAT
    50 In Stock*
    47mm - 229mm£3.20 Inc VAT
    20 In Stock*
    76mm - 135mm£2.44 Inc VAT
    20 In Stock*
    76mm - 164mm£2.80 Inc VAT
    50 In Stock*
    76mm - 214mm£3.40 Inc VAT
    30 In Stock*
    90mm - 207mm£3.40 Inc VAT
    Out of Stock
    100mm - 123mm£2.44 Inc VAT
    50 In Stock*
    100mm - 152mm£2.80 Inc VAT
    20 In Stock*
    100mm - 202mm£3.40 Inc VAT
    50 In Stock*
    150mm - 127mm£2.84 Inc VAT
    50 In Stock*
    150mm - 177mm£3.40 Inc VAT
    10 In Stock*
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  • Delivery Infomation
    We are able to offer courier delivery on this product. Please note: Our Courier has a maximum length of 1.2 Meters. Any items over that length CANNOT go through our standard courier network.