MDF Wall Panelling Strips

MDF Wall Panelling Strips

Brand: Nottage Timber Merchants
Certifications: FSC / PEFC Certified
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Product details

These MDF Wall Panelling Strips are pre-cut strips and ideal for creating a modern panelled wall effect.

Installing these strips is fairly straight forward, and only minimal DIY skill is needed. Before ordering, We would strongly recommend planning, measuring and even using masking tape for layout lines on the wall first. We offer a choice of widths from 75mm to 150mm (3 Inches to 6 Inches) to give you the most flexibility in your design.

To attach the strips to the wall, We usually recommend OB1 as the most effective option for solid walls. If you need advice, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help. OB1 can be used as the adhesive, as well as the filler between the strips.

Our MDF Wall Panelling Strips are machined to order from premium 9mm Moisture Resistant MDF. Standard MDF can absorb moisture from spills and splashes, which can lead to swelling and distorting. We only use Moisture Resistant MDF, so no matter what room you choose, Our MDF Wall Panelling Strips will be suitable. If there is risk of the panel getting damp frequently, such as close to a bath or sink, we strongly recommend using a waterproof paint or finish. Although we use Moisture Resistant boards, they are not waterproof, and will degrade quicker if not properly protected.

We are frequently asked about coverage, or cost per square meter, and the simple answer is: its up to you. Some designs place the strips closer together, others choose to spread them out. Some designs use full length strips while other opt for half height (similar to wainscoting). We would recommend spending some time, and planning your design and working our the amount you need for your project. If you need some advice, please send us an email and we can work with you and help the best we can.

Moisture Resistant MDF is easier to paint than standard MDF as it does not absorb the paint below the surface. Therefore, a specialist MDF primer is not always necessary depending on the finish you choose. Always follow the instructions for the paint or finishing system.

Our MDF Panelling Strips are supplied as 9mm thick. We have tested a few thicknesses and this, we believe, gives the best results for most applications. It provides an excellent depth and shadow when painted, especially in lighter colours, which can often look flat in thinner panels. However, this is just our opinion, we are able to make these strips in thicknesses from 6mm up to 25mm should you need a thicker or thinner panel.

As these are cut to 1.2 meter lengths they are suitable for delivery via courier networks. Our MDF panelling strips are already featured in homes in the North of Scotland, the South Coast of England and of course throughout South Wales. If your local to our timber yard, we can supply longer lengths up to 2.4 meters, and can be cut while you wait. 

Supplied as 1200mm Length

Please note the MDF is supplied Un-Primed and Un-Painted.


  • Thickness: 9mm
  • Width: Choice
  • Length: 1200mm