C24 Graded Timber

C24 Carcassing timber is a strength-graded, kiln-dried timber known for structural performance. Stress-graded timber is tested to ensure maximum performance in a range of strength tests. C24 is roughly 50% stronger than C16 (Or CLS) timber. Using strong timber during construction allows for longer spans, heavier loads and peace of mind. C24 is either graded in the country of origin to BS4978 or visually stress graded at the milling facilities by highly qualified stress graders. 

Kiln drying helps improve stability and straightness. Our C24 timber is kiln-dried to 20% or less moisture content in line with current building regulations. Regularised timber is machined to consistent sizing. Our C24 timber finishes 2mm off the nominal thickness and 5mm off the nominal width. 47mm x 75mm Sawn Kiln Dried C24 Timber has an approximate finished dimension of 45mm x 70mm.

The timber industry goes back many hundreds of years and some historical methods of sales and sawmilling are still used today. A mixture of imperial & metric sizes and volumes are commonplace. However, The UK retail market ensures that all goods sold since January 1st 2000 are listed as metric sizes. Despite the transition, most trade and DIY buyers still refer to timber in imperial measurements. At Nottage Timber Merchants, we try and list all our timber goods with the Metric and Imperial equivalents to ensure you can find exactly what you want without having to do conversions. Given the conversions are not always 100% accurate, or are rounded for simplicity, please always ensure you use the metric measurement when measuring timber

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