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Wallbarn Cross Spacers

If pavers wish to increase the size of the drainage gaps on existing paving, or need additional separation guides, CROSS SPACERS are ideal. Available ...
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Paving Slab Support Pad

100% recycled polypropylene ring shaped paving pad with four positioning lugs to give correct spacing between paving slabs, and position them in a str...
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Mini Timber Joist Hanger

Designed to give a small and economic light weight timber to timber connection such as loft hatches and decking. Timber to timber joist hangers are su...
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No Tag Timber Joist Hanger

The TIMco Timber Hanger range has been designed to give a quick and simple solution for various timber to timber connections such as joists and stairw...
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Wallbarn Slope Corrector

Slope Correctors are circular wedge-shaped discs which are designed to clip under the baseplates of adjustable support pads to arrest the fall in the ...
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Timco Masking Tape

Trade quality, general purpose masking tape manufactured from saturated semi-crepe paper with pressure sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Made in Euro...
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Timco Drywall Joint Tape

Timco 4890DJT Drywall Joint Tape - 90m x 48mmA professional grade self-adhesive drywall tape, which is manufactured using a strong 9 x 9 fibreglass we...
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