Fence Posts

The backbone of any good timber fencing job, The fence post is usually the starting point for 90% of fencing jobs. Used for Post & Rail Fencing, Feather Edge Fencing, or with Fencing Panels. A well-laid fence post can make or break a new or repaired fencing job, so it is important to get a top-quality post.

All Nottage Timber Merchants Timber Fence Posts are UC4 treated. UC4 treatment ensures the timber is suitable for direct contact with the ground. A non-treated or otherwise unsuitable timber fence post will prematurely rot and will need replacing sooner than a correctly treated and rated timber fence post. All our timber fence posts have been incised, which is a process of scoring the timber prior to treatment to ensure all preservatives penetrate deep below the surface, ensuring a longer-lasting post that should see you through years of rot-free fencing.

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