Internal Door Frame Lining Sets

Door Lining Sets come in a variety of widths designed to fit the most popular building styles over the last few decades.

  • Older homes built with brick, typically require a 108mm lining. 
  • Homes built with 4inch block, typically require a 132mm lining
  • New homes built with 5inch studwork, typically require 155mm linings. 

Always ensure each opening is measured correctly with an allowance made for any finishes. For example, if fitting new plasterboard, an allowance must be made for the thickness of the plasterboard and plaster. Our Softwood Door Lining Sets are available off the shelf in the most popular sizes of 108mm, 132mm, and 155mm. We are able to make custom width door linings on request subject availability. If you require a bespoke door lining set, please speak with the sales team on 01656 745959.

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