75mm x 75mm x 2.4 Meter - Pressure Treated Fencing Arris Rail (Pack of 2)

75mm x 75mm x 2.4 Meter - Pressure Treated Fencing Arris Rail (Pack of 2)

Brand: Nottage Timber Merchants
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    Product Description

    75mm x 75mm x 2.4 Meter - Pressure Treated Fencing Arris Rail (Pack of 2)

    • Provides support for featheredge fencing
    • Pressure treated with preservatives to enhance resistance to rot and insect attack
    • We recommend 4 rails for 1.8m & 2.4m feather edge
    • Coat all sides with a fence seal or fence paint to help prevent splitting, warping and rot

    Why Use Pressure Treated Fencing Arris Rails?

    Arris Rails are typically used for installing feather edge boards for fencing. When fitted between fence posts, Arris rails provide a secure nailing surface for installing feather edge boards. The angled cut of the Arris Rail help water to run of the fence rails, unlike square fence rails that can allow water to sit on the timber surface and cause premature rot, or allow soil and dirt build up, encouraging insect infestation.

    How do you install Pressure Treated Fencing Arris Rails?

    There are a few options for fitting arris rails, the most popular and easiest option is to use a dedicated arris rail bracket. These brackets have been designed to screw into the post and arris rail creating a clean and secure joint. Arris rails are fitted with the flat face facing the feather edge boards (or where the will be installed), this provides a flat nailing surface for the feather edge. The angled edges should face towards the back of the fence, encouraging water to drain away from the feather edge boards.

    What size Arris Rails are available?

    Currently we only offer 75mm x 75mm x 2.4 meter Arris Rails online. We can cut arris rails to order upto 150mm wide and 3 meters long from stock. To order specialist sizes we recommend speaking with our sales team on 01656 745959