32mm x 125mm x 3.6m - Grooved Treated Decking Boards

32mm x 125mm x 3.6m - Grooved Treated Decking Boards

32mm x 125mm x 3.6m - Grooved Treated Decking Boards

Brand: Nottage Timber Merchants
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    Product Description

    Description: Green Pressure Premium Decking Boards - Dual deck board grooved 1 side / Smooth 1 side 

    • Pressure treated to ensure durability and prevent rot
    • Engineered to provide a greater preservative treatment.
    • The treatment process allows the preservative to permeate the timber to a deeper level, to achieve a longer lifespan.
    • Cut ends should be sealed with appropriate wood preservative
    • Can last up to 25 years providing it is well maintained
    • Can be stained or left it to age naturally
    • Softwood decking has a green appearance when first pressure treated.
    • Salting (white specks on the surface of the board) will appear after a while, this is a natural part of the process and a sign of quality.
    • Once weathered the salting will disappear and the green colour will mellow to provide a warm yellow feel.
    • Copper based pressure impregnated wood preservative. 
    • Suitable for use class 3 or 4 applications (in or out of ground contact).
    • Wash down regularly with a mild detergent and a stiff brush to extend the life of the decking.
    • Can be fixed using standard coated deck screws / nails or secret fix deck clips. 
    • 15 year guarantee subject to terms and conditions supported by Arch chemicals.
    • Tanalith E treated timber is a non-hazardous material therefore disposal can be through normal waste disposal facilities in line with local guidelines. 


    • Nominal Size 32mm x 125mm
    • Finished Size: 27mm x 120mm
    • Sizes are approximate