50mm x 50mm - Redwood Mopstick Wall Mounted Handrail

50mm x 50mm - Redwood Mopstick Wall Mounted Handrail

Brand: Nottage Timber Merchants
Delivery: Local Delivery Only (SA, CF & NP Postcodes)

Note on Sizes: This item is listed in "Nominal Sizes". Nominal Sizes are measured before planing. A general guideline is to subtract 5mm of each measurement to get the finished dimensions. I.e 25mm Nominal thickness becomes 20mm Finished thickness


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Product Description

Made from premium, slow-grown redwood, these mopstick handrails can give you the support and added safety for most staircases and internal walkways. Often seen in older homes, mopstick handrails are making a big comeback in modern homes. With the wide range of end caps, and support brackets now available online, people are now adding these handrails to compliment their existing staircase design.

Safety is our number one priority with any staircase or structural timber. Our Mopstick wall-mounted handrails are selected from premium, slow-grown redwood, known as "Ungraded Redwood". "Ungraded" might sound counterintuitive but this is a high grade of timber. Grading starts from the lowest quality timber, which is removed (or graded), leaving only the best timber, known as ungraded. Simply put, ungraded timber is any timber that has not been graded into a lower quality pack. This premium ungraded timber is free from defects that will affect its performance and longevity. 

Mopstick is precision machined to an industry standard size of 45mm, meaning that standard end caps and brackets will fit. Each mopstick handrail has a flat edge on the bottom to ensure any fixings and brackets have a secure and accessible area to insert screws and hardware into the centre of the timber. Off-centre fixings can cause splitting, or even come through the edge of the handrail if not inserted correctly.

This mopstick handrail is supplied unfinished, allowing the end user to decorate as they choose. Redwood is easy to paint, stain or varnish with any readily available wood finish. This allows you to match your new handrail to any existing decor.

This Mopstick Handrail is not supplied with any brackets or hardware. We stock a few varieties of brackets at the shop which may not be currently available online.

The sizes noted are Nominal, the actual finished measurements will be smaller than those listed here. For rough guidance, we recommend subtracting 5mm from the nominal measurement to give an approximated finished dimension. Nominal vs Finished sizes are industry standards for timber. For more information, please speak with our sales team.